It’s an exciting place to stay. Breckenridge Park Apartment is at the southern part of the state of Mississippi, closer to two major cities, about halfway between Jackson in the northwest and New Orleans in the southwest in the state of Louisiana. It is also close to Pensacola in Florida in the southeast.

BreckenRidge Park Apartment

Located along the interstate highway that connects the four states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida, Breckenridge Park Apartment is close to significant landmarks like the Hattiesburg Visitors Center and the Hattiesburg Lake Terrace Convention Center to the east and the University of Southern Mississippi to the southeast.

If you’re driving from the south to the north, from Highway 49, pass by the Hattiesburg Convention Center and go under the Highway 59 interchange. Take immediate left on Classic Drive. The apartment community is about 500 meters on left.

A panoramic view of wide roads and wooded areas in the background adorned with flowers and plants by the roadside and a wide swath of green carpeted grass meets the visitor as one enters Breckenridge Drive.

It’s breathtaking exterior with its grand architecture influenced by European design matches with the surrounding immediate wooded environs. Clean, fresh countryside air pervades the BreckenRidge Park Apartment atmosphere with its palatial facade.

Three-storey apartment clusters display glistening wood and brick structures in red and beige in a sharp angled, rectangular design with prominent corner balconies dashed with vertical railings.

BreckenRidge Park Apartment is an upscale apartment community in this part of Mississippi for the discriminating resident with a great package of amenities and luxury appointments, a peaceful and serene community with priceless values for prime apartment living.

The interior of each BreckenRidge Park Apartment is embedded with furniture and fixtures of fine craftsmanship and luxury in a room of vaulted ceilings, carpeted floors and heavenly white walls. You’ll find the community amenities optimizing your urban lifestyle experience as you take pleasure in the convenience of luxurious apartment living.

There are 14 Breckenridge Park Apartment clusters and one clubhouse in about 8 subdivided blocks in the rectangular swath of property between Classic Woods Drive and Breckenridge surrounded by wooded areas in a well-designed maze of wide cemented roads.

There are two Breckenridge Drive entrances from Classic Woods Drive. The eastside greets the visitor with a circle landmark or rotunda at the entrance. The westside entrance from Classic Woods has a 2-lane road and leads to a wide curved road with a parking space.

If you’re in Mississippi, find the alluring Breckenridge apartments.